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Daikin® Split-ductless Advantage

NETR understands that comfort is very important and that homes come in all sizes and shapes. With the Daikin® Single-Split, Multi-Split and VRV-S® systems, you can fine-tune your comfort level throughout any home, creating a unique, personalized environment.

Does your home have a room that's too hot or too cold? Perhaps you're looking for a way to effectively control the climate in different rooms... Daikin is the perfect way to make any room as comfortable as possible. NETR is able to accomplish this usually within 1 to 2 days. Call - 781.933.NETR (6387)

Unlike conventional systems, Daikin systems are duct-free. So it takes less time and effort to install, making it ideal for both new homes and renovations/additions.

Daikin innovations in split-ductless design have defined cutting-edge technology for yearsDaikin systems are designed with intelligent features to meet all your air conditioning needs:

  • Suit any type of indoor environment
  • Fit any detailed zoning plan
  • Precise temperature control
  • Quiet operation inside and out
  • Smooth, consistent air flow
  • Intelligent eye that senses a presence in room and adjusts temperature (Split systems only)
  • Wired and wireless remote controllers

Why Daikin is the Right Choice

Daikin's flexible, reliable, and energy-efficient VRV-S and Split air conditioning systems deliver Absolute Comfort,™ making it the perfect choice for residential homes and small businesses.

Discover which solution is right for your needs:

  • Single-zone Solution: Remodel your idea of air conditioning with the Single-Split system
  • Dual-zone Solution: Double your comfort with the Multi-Split system
  • Multi-zone Solution: Condition up to five zones with the multi-talented VRV-S® system

The Single-Split System: The Ideal Addition to Your Addition

Finally, there’s an alternative to bulky window boxes and noisy backyard compressors – the Daikin® Single-Split system. Its streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units and compact outdoor units blend in discreetly with any home design and run quietly, too. Whether you’re enhancing a single room or adding on an entire wing, the system’s space-saving, modular design is ideal for set-apart areas like a garage office or nursery — any room up to 1,000 square feet.

Automatic and individual control for each room.
The Single-Split system not only brings a touch of elegance to your home but also intelligence. Set each room’s temperature level individually and the system will maintain your preferences automatically, making subtle and constant adjustments to ensure your comfort. Or it can be set to heat, even in sub-freezing temperatures. It also comes with its own remote control so you can change your settings at the touch of a button. You can even program your system when you’re away and have a warm (or cool) welcome waiting for you upon returning home.

Energy Star Solutions
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Saves on energy costs, too.
Unlike conventional air conditioners that reach a set temperature and then shut themselves off, the Daikin Single-Split runs continuously at an energy-conserving level. This constant monitoring not only keeps you comfortable, but also avoids excessive cooling or heating – cutting down on both energy consumption and costs. In fact, Daikin systems are so energy efficient, they already meet 2006 U.S. environmental standards and SEER requirements (up to SEER 17).

Not just duct-free – Daikin duct-free.
Daikin is recognized by technicians around the world as the first choice in high-quality air conditioning. Not only is the Daikin duct-free technology unsurpassed, but also the Daikin level of service and support is the industry benchmark.

The Multi-Split System: Double Your Comfort

Planning a two-room addition? Renovating a large area? Or need to maintain different comfort levels in two separate spaces at once? Daikin® AC™ has the perfect solution: the smart, reliable, duct-free Multi-Split system. Pioneered by Daikin and now used worldwide, the Multi-Split system is also ideal when there’s limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducting.

Residential Cooling by NETR, Inc.
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One outdoor to two indoor. A simple yet powerful combination.
No need for major ductwork, noisy backyard compressors or bulky window boxes. The duct-free Multi-Split system allows you to connect one outdoor unit to two separate indoor units, quickly and easily. The compact and robust Multi-Split outdoor compressor is specially engineered to supply two zones. The two indoor units give you dual-zone comfort in a streamlined, wall-mounted design that complements any interior.

Automatic and individual control for each room.
The Daikin Multi-Split system not only brings a touch of elegance to your home but also intelligence. Set each room’s temperature level individually and the system will maintain your preferences automatically, making subtle and constant adjustments to ensure your comfort. Or they can be set to heat, even in low ambient temperatures. Each unit also comes with its own remote control so you can change your settings at the touch of a button.

A more comfortable environment inside and out.
Like all Daikin systems, the Multi-Split is designed to run quietly, indoors and out. Plus, unlike conventional air conditioners that stop and start, the Multi-Split uses advanced inverter technology, which reaches the desired temperature faster and maintains it without great fluctuations. By running at energy-conserving speeds, this unique technology enables Daikin to meet SEER 13 levels, already exceeding the requirements for 2006. What’s more, because Daikin’s optimizes its systems for use with R-410A refrigerant — recognized as the industry standard of the future — they consume less energy and are easier on the environment.

The Multi-talented VRV-S System: Small Wonder

Residential Cooling by NETR, Inc.
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At the core of the VRV-S® system is built-in intelligence that gives you independent zoning control with maximum flexibility and energy savings. With the ability to connect up to five indoor units to one outdoor unit, the space-saving VRV-S system is ideal for most residential or light commercial projects, from multi-family townhouses and single-family homes to retail stores and small offices.

All the benefits you want.

  • Single-phase technology is perfect for light commercial and residential applications.
  • Smaller capacity allows precise temperature control over every square inch of space.
  • Space-saving design and flexible indoor unit options offer quick and easy installation.
  • Superior energy efficiency results in lower operating costs especially under partial load conditions.
  • Silent operation ensures comfortable fit in any room.
  • Single-supplier reliability. System delivers 80% complete and fully optimized by Daikin®, plus has self-diagnostics and one of the best warranties in the industry.

Control every inch of comfort.
The advanced VRV-S® enables precise temperature control for each individual zone. Indoor units use an Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) to control the cooling or heating performance, with PID logic taking priority when the room temperature to set-point differential is +/-3 F, to deliver a comfortable room temperature condition. So as climate, lighting and occupancy cause temperature and humidity fluctuations, the intelligent VRV-S inverter-driven compressor continually adjusts to maintain the desired comfort level.

Fully optimized for maximum performance.
Like all Daikin systems, the VRV-S® operates with R-410A refrigerant, fast becoming the industry standard of the future due to its energy-efficient and zero-ozone-depleting properties. Daikin not only produces R-410A but also optimizes every major VRV-S® component to work with it, resulting in higher system performance, higher EER ratings and lower energy costs.

Quiet operation indoors and out.
One thing you’ll notice about the VRV-S® system is how little you notice it. All indoor units come with fan speed control and operate extremely softly — as low as 25 decibels, the equivalent of rustling leaves. Outdoor units have built-in noise-reducing features including an automatic night mode function that lowers the sound level for any period of time you specify.


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