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Choosing Your Solution

Why Choose N.E.T.R, Inc.

NETR, Inc. is committed to providing reliable cooling and heating solutions for you, our customers. To support this effort we work closely with our customers on understanding their specific application. Our trained staff arrives at your home on time and is prepared to help you.

Our Goals When Working Together:

  1. Allow you to base your decision on complete information and confidence so you are able to purchase the correct products and accessories for your application.
  2. When invited onsite, our trained staff will size our product to meet your specific comfort requirements based on an on-site inspection of your home. He or she will take into account the entire environment of your installation to ensure proper sizing. We survey your application to ensure that your specific requirements are met including;
    • Unit capacity
    • Proper unit sizing and heat loads
    • Electrical service
    • Indoor and outdoor unit placement
    • Space usage
    • Control wiring length and placement
    • Length and diameter of refrigerant piping, and placement
    • The indoor and outdoor type most appropriate for your application
  3. Provide you a complete written professional quote & NETR, Inc. information packet.
  4. One of the Best Warranties in the Business
  5. Daikin® AC™, stands by everything manufactured, so you have the Absolute Comfort™ of knowing your systems are fully covered by one of the industry’s best warranties. All Daikin® systems and products are insured against defects in design, materials and workmanship.

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